What is a web page

Website pages are documents or parts of web resources that have a unique URL. They are a hypertext containing images, audio files, text, video, or animation. Working with a web page and viewing it is carried out using browsers.

What is the web page for?

The main purpose is to view information. The web page hosts text, graphic, audio and video content. From the page it is read by the browser and displayed to users.

Also, using the pages, a person can perform certain actions on the site: open tabs, menus, fill in feedback forms, place an order in the online store.

How to save a web page

If you plan to use the link frequently, you can save it. In the future, this will allow you to immediately go through it, bypassing the query with the search engine. Let us see how to quickly and easily save the page address:

  • Click on the menu and select “Save As”, then a dialog box with the same name will open.
  • In the window that appears, we need to select the file type, page name and save location. Today there are 4 formats, we will analyze them below.
  • Click “Save”, now at any time you can view a copy of the page.

4 formats for saving pages:

  • Fully. In this format, the selected item is saved completely, with all the images and stylistic decisions, design. The browser also creates a separate folder where all materials placed on the resource are placed: pictures, photos, widgets, and so on.
  • Html It is no longer possible to save images and stylistic decisions, the original is saved with the same structure and text. In this way, memory is saved.
  • Text. The surviving text can be viewed using any editor, the text is saved completely, not fragmentary.
  • Files All files on the page are saved. If necessary, you can change the extension of a file.

You can also save part of the page. Surely, everyone knows that you can save an image by clicking on it with the right mouse button and selecting “Save As” in the window that opens. Also easy to copy text.

What does the message “webpage out of date” means

This is a fairly common mistake. It means that the local copy of the page is out of date, while the user’s website requests that it be downloaded. To solve the problem you need to reload the page.

What does the message “Web page slows down the browser” mean

Often when viewing sites, the text “Web page slows down your browser” appears. As a rule, the slowdown occurs due to the fact that the browser automatically loads many unnecessary scripts on this page. To solve the problem, you need to change your browser settings in order to load scripts quickly. To do this, go to the browser menu, look for “Tools”, then click the “Add” item. We are looking for a specialized plugin “Shockwave Flash” and install it. Then in the settings of the plugin, select the item “Ask before activation” and put a tick next to it. Please note that the name of the items may vary depending on the browser used, the main thing is to catch the meaning.

After this, the scripts will not be loaded automatically, before each download the system will ask for permission.

Web page does not respond: what to do and how to solve the problem

Here it is not so simple as the above cases. The problem can be anything. We will analyze how to solve this problem.

First, pay attention to the URL. Make sure that the address is correctly specified in the address bar. Next, check if the resource opens on another computer. If the page does not load on all PCs, check the internet connection. If everything is in order here, perhaps the problem is in the site.

The second way is to delete cookies. These are special files that are created to save information about the created profile. Sometimes cookie files get corrupted. This leads to the fact that the pages are not displayed. To remove them, open the browser settings, select “Advanced” and then “Personal data”. Open the content settings and select the files of interest to us. Delete “All cookies and site data”.

The next way is to change the proxy server. Sometimes a connection through a proxy server may cause slow loading of web pages or errors in their display. To solve the problem, go to the settings, then open the Network item and specify the network name. Next, open the proxy server settings and enter the necessary parameters. If you do not know these settings, contact your network administrator. Next Internet connection is interrupted. Reconnect to the Internet and continue working.

 Webpage Moved: what to do

You can often come across this message. Most likely, a new address will be located nearby, and the browser will offer to follow this link. Go to the new version of the page and get access to the necessary information.

We have analyzed what a web page is, how to use it for one purpose or another. As you can see, from time to time web pages may have problems, but all of them can be solved.